My experience using webtorrent in a side project

As a fan of Stremio, I always wait for the web version of it that never came. Then suddenly I saw Webtorrent, which could be a way to do it.

Webtorrent is an implementation very easy to use, you just add the magnet URI, and choose the file to play. After seeing that, I had one goal in mind: why not use Stremio plugins as source of torrents and display it. Then I created Juan Carlos Web, a poor react UI listing the movies and try to watch.

In some of the torrents, even though they have lots of peers, the torrent takes a lot of time to load. Webtorrent has a huge problem to connect to trackers, been able to only connect to some trackers like

There is quite a poor callback in the period that you are connecting to trackers, you got blind. After the metadata is downloaded, then it’s very easy to access data.

In the end, was a cool experience. The project needs this small improvement to get mainstream